This site provides a comprehensive list of text editors, with information which will help you choose the editor that suits your file editing needs. We cover text editors for all major platforms, as well as hex, rtf and other editors and viewers.


Text editors are categorized into the following sections (note that a text editor can appear in multiple categories):

Best text editors
These are the best text editors available. Editors are ranked based on user ratings, functionality and performance
Free text editors
This section contains the list of free text editors. Only the more advanced editors are included, since simpler editors are generally free
Notepad replacements
These are simpler editors which can serve as a replacement for the Windows Notepad. They are not full featured editors (single document interface), but still provide many more features than Notepad, and are fast.
Windows text editors
Text editors for the Windows OS
Cross platform editors
Text editors that run on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
Linux text editors
Text editors for Linux
Hex editors
Editors that allow you to inspect and edit binary files in hex mode
Unicode editors
Text editors that support Unicode
USB text editors
Text editors that you can carry on your USB drive
HTML text editors
Editors that support editing of HTML documents. While you can write HTML documents in any text editor, these provide specific support for their easier generation.
Rich text editors
Editors that support editing of RTF (Rich Text Format) files
Text viewers
These are applications that support text viewing without editing. They are useful for viewing extremely large files (in the GB range)


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